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We established our studio in 2016 after completing the construction of a house in Nowa Górka, which was awarded in the Main Award of the Association of Polish Architects SARP in 2016. In the following designs w continue our interests in housing and its various forms. Currently, we are expanding our interest with a larger scale of multi-family housing construction. At the same time, we continue our previous experience by participating in competitions for public facilities that have been recognized and awarded in the past.


Existing objects, often of historical importance, are also the subject of our interest. We bring back to life historic buildings, giving them new functions, transforming them into buildings, such as the gin distillery or a residential building. We believe that through our activities with exising objects, we learn how to combine a new with the existing substance, both individually and on a wider, urban scale.


Our studio is located in the center of Poznań. For years, we have been trying to engage in the local community and operate in the Poznań branch of the Association of Polish Architects and the Wielkopolska Chamber of Architects. Our activity is not only related to the local market, we are working on buildings all over the country and we are trying to expand our activity with foreign projects.


We are a family studio run by Katarzyna Osipowicz-Grabowska and Piotr Grabowski. 


How do we work


The starting point in our projects is the relationship between human and the environment. The key to our approach to design is to skillfully understand the client's needs and translate it into the way the building works. We try to focus not only on solving spatial problems. Understanding the place, existing tissue, program and budget allows us to create new opportunities and discover potential and add new value to a given place.

All our projects are the result of teamwork. We believe that strong cooperation based on trust and understanding with both our clients and industry specialists and consultants is the basis for creating good architecture.


In times when the approach changes and greater awareness of the environment and demographic changes, our projects are created consciously based on the most possible and rational technical solutions, so that the buildings we design are durable and give the possibility to adapt to other purposes in the future.


All the projects we deal with are very individual. With each one, we try not to repeat previously acquired patterns. Before establishing the studio, we gathered experience by working in renowned Polish architectural studios, on significant projects in Poland and abroad.


Both Katarzyna (from 2019) and Piotr (from 2020) lead design studios at the Faculty of Architecture of the Poznań University of Technology. Teaching builds a more reflective and analytical attitude, thanks to which professional experience is complemented with a more meaningful approach to own project

Exhibitions/ Publications

SARP 2016 Award                 
International Biennale of Architecture, Kraków, Poland 


Archive Thursday,            

Presentation of Poznań architecturala studios

April 19, 2018

Honourable mention in SARP 2016 Award

House in Nowa Górka


First stage honorably mention in competition for new building in upper courtyard of Warsaw's University on Krakowskie Przedmieście 

11.03 2019

Leonardo, International Biennale of young Architects, Mińsk, Belarus  

Październik 2017

Brno Design Days

Presentation of the studio in the Talks block

First stage honorably mention in competition for Kindergarten and Elementary School in Warsaw


First stage honorably mention in competition for new sport complex and stadium of Polonia Warszawa


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