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Sport complex and stadium of Polonia Warszawa

The work is distinguished by simplicity, naturalness and consequence of the arrangement of three transparent blocks of sports facilities, located in space without any architectural barriers. The main entrance areas to the stadium are clearly defined.

Competition Jury's verdict




Urząd Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy

ARPA Jerzy Gurawski, Bartosz Gurawski, SKI Studio Błażej Szurkowski

GID Studio


Gross building area




The project was awarded thehonourable mention in the SARP architectural competition "architectural and urban competition for the concept of developing the Polonia Center at 6 Konwiktorska Street"



The overriding goal of the designed Polonia Warszawa sports complex is to skilfully interpret the urban context of the Warsaw City Center and existing historic sports facilities, so that new buildings in terms of volume and style do not violate the existing aura, but only complement it with modern, light buildings of a dignified character.


The spatial and architectural values ​​of the place - the existing post-war Polonia Warsaw building woven into green parks falling down the banks of the Vistula River - force us to maintain the unique character of the 'city stadium', located at the northern end of the walking path through Warsaw Downtown. Following the example of British stadiums, usually located in the hearts of London, Manchester or Liverpool, we propose creating a sports complex that lives on a daily basis in the rhythm of the city. The stadium ingrown into the city is available to supporters thanks to services located on the ground floor, supporter's clubs and stores with club assortment. It seems that the match lasts longer than 90 minutes at this point.


Polonia Warsaw is a club with one of the richer traditions in Poland, which is also the oldest active sports club in Warsaw. Today's club headquarters at ul. Konwiktorska, despite its small size, is a great object in terms of history and architecture. The unique interior of the sports room and pool are its great value. People - club members, athletes, employees and, above all, supporters create another value.



Designing a sports complex, which the Polonia Center will become, in a compact urban tissue is a huge challenge. In terms of urban planning - the basic goal has been to design the area in such a way as to fill it with strictly urban space - buildings with service functions available from the street, city square and the well-functioning center of the Polonia Warsaw Club. The surroundings of the stadium - the entrance zones in front of the southern and northern stands as well as the square in front of the Main Building and the Sports Hall and the building of the Sports Support Center, can operate on the basis of the stadium's infrastructure. Numerous service points around the stadium and supporting buildings will fill the space with people and provide the basis for further development of urban space.


The team of the new sports complex consists of three buildings, a Football Stadium for 16,130 guests, a Sports Hall, and a three-story Sports Support Center. The land development was designed as an extension of the urban fabric with a rich amount of greenery and small architecture in which man is the most important.

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