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Process of designing a house in a unique natural environment, the neighborhood of the lake visible from the interior gives a lot of design comfort but at the same time it is a huge challenge. The house should be the background for the family life. Its living spaces have to gather its residents, give the opportunity to stay together and at the same time provide privacy in the sleeping area.

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Gross building area




Structural engineer

Builidng services



297 m2

Private / Private


Sebastian Marach

BUD Expert, Jan Drzewiecki, Michał Andrzejewski

Bartosz Jaskólski

GID Studio

ONI Studio

Dom jest finalistą w corocznej edycji Nagrody Architektonicznej Województwa Wielkopolskiego (NAWW) w 2022 roku.


House with the view


Designing a house in a unique natural environment, the vicinity of the lake, that will be visible from the windows, gives a lot of design comfort but it is also a huge challenge. The house designed  for a young family should be the frame for family life. Its living spaces are to gather its inhabitants, give the opportunity to stay together and at the same time ensure privacy in the sleeping area.


The ground floor of the house brings together the interpenetrating day parts, which due to openings in the east, south and west direction will give the opportunity to use natural lighting. Through the large windows located from the east, the morning sun from the lake will fill and awaken the whole house. Later in the day, windows from the south and west along with a roof skylight will brighten the day zone and the kitchen. The heart of the house is the dining room organized around the fireplace combined with the living room and the kitchen. Finishing the house in natural materials gives the space adequate warmth and high comfort.


The first floor is the investors' private space, the bedrooms located there, thanks to the large openings, enjoy a great view and morning light.


The house has two terraces - one open located on the east side, the other in the form of a more intimate winter garden on the west side for hotter and colder days.

The building corresponds with finishing materials and surroundings. The combination of a brick facade on the ground floor together with a wooden facade on the first floor inscribes the house in the colors of the natural surroundings of the forest and the lake.

The form of the house is a response to the context, the house turns completely towards the lake, submitting to the surroundings and enabling future residents to fully enjoy the surroundings.

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