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Bosuns's building in Port Czerniakowski

"The concept of landscaping enables both the preservation of the existing value of the open landscape of the Vistula valley in this area of the city and introduces a new architectural value of the dominant, with dimensions appropriate to the superior role of the natural landscape, emphasizing the special role of the Czerniakowski Port area along the Vistula boulevards "

 Jury's quotation

1st Prize in the one-stage competition for the architectural concept of a multifunctional service building with the boatswain office with land development in the Port Czeriakowski in Warsaw



Gross building area




2022-in progress

1155 m2

Zarząd Zieleni m. st. Warszawy


GID Studio


The designed building can be reduced to a simple diagram, a three-story part with open to the rooftop, with direct access from external staircase and the ground-floor part, which due to difference of the terrain, is hidden. However, from the port- the side is fully open and provides excellent, easily accessible facilities. We designed the building of the boatswain's office as a wooden structure. Wooden poles, wooden beams and ceilings, partially supported by reinforced concrete walls and a stair-lift shaft based on a concrete slab, set on stilts. Thanks to the proportionally low weight of the building and the lack of an underground floor, such the solution will significantly reduce the implementation costs.

The building of the boatswain's office, apart from its obligatory functions, should be a kind of anchor, it should play a role attractive and mark your presence in the environment. The key aspect in the design is creation of the place that will be open to a new users, a building that will be open and open to the public a at the same time, it will enable its use in a perfect way for its everyday users.
The building of the boatswain's office will be clearly visible both from the Vistula level by the approaching boat and by the pedestrian or cyclist user, traveling along ul. Czerniakowska. Three-story high part of the building has a gastronomic function located on the ground floor, which spreads over the main square in front of the building, making it an attractive and lively square. Thanks to the diversity of the terrain, the building's first floor is accessible from Czerniakowska Street and this is where the "main entrance" to the building is located. Entrance area to The building changes into a multifunctional room, which is adjacent to the open viewing terrace on the roof of the part single-story. The second floor is an office space, providing a perfect view of the entire port and the access lock to the port. On the roof of the building, we have located a winter garden, which is a kind of extension of the part gastronomic restaurant on the ground floor and a 24/7 public viewpoint, providing a wonderful view and great experience of observing the traffic in the port. The second part of the building is cut with all-terrain stairs connecting the level of Czerniakowska Street with the port part. The lower part is a space intended for boatswain, operating as an equipment rental or workshop. All additional functions are located here complementary operation of the building.

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