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Office building in for Burkietowicz Group

The office building, apart from its basic function as a workplace, is to become a meeting space and a manifesto of values important to the investor. The building is to be a living proof of what conscious construction using wood is today.


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1 Prize in Private competition 



Gross building area




2022-in progress

1755 m2

Bukietowicz Group


GID Studio

lobby pietro.png

A meeting place

The building's main function , apart from its elementary purpose- the workplace, is to become a meeting space and the manifesto of values to the Client. The building is to be a "living proof" of construction with the use o the  timber. The key aspect of the project is to create a place that will be open to a new user and will be perfectly usable by its everyday users. The two-storey high building is crowned with characteristic roof elements - closed elements equipped with skylights - which would give the building an individual character and also provide a unique working space on the first floor. Control system and the possibility of opening the skylights, it will be possible to ventilate the building and take warm air outside on warm days.


The ground floor of the building, according to the guidelines, is the louder part. The space open to users from the outside will be surrounded by organized greenery surrounding the building. Thanks to the system of modular walls, the ground floor has many variants of meeting and working space solutions. The circular staircase will bind and connect the two floors of the house. The opening of a part of the building to the full height is to emphasize the uniqueness of the place and after
once again show the unlimited possibilities of wooden construction. In accordance with the client's intention, on the ground floor outside we located a zone for work meetings - a conservatory / winter garden, which is a supplement to the building. We imagine that with favorable conditions, the space between the building and the winter garden could create an attractive and lively square.

konf pietro 1.png
schemat wody.png
pietro korytarz 3.png
lobby pietro.png
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