School and kindergarden in Warsaw

"The award was given for creating a vision of an elegant educational building with a regular construction layout, with a clear functional and spatial disposition, a clear accentuation of the entrance zones to both parts of the team.'

Competition jury verdict


Gross building area




Cost assessment


8493 m2

Miasto stołeczne Warszawa

GAB, Atelier Tektura

Termo Studio


Project was awarded with honourable mention in competition SARP nr 973"opracowanie koncepcji architektoniczno-urbanistycznej zespołu budynków kompleksu oświatowego przedszkolno-szkolnego przy ul. Zaruby w Warszawie"

The Building's idea


A logical, simple arrangement of two rings interweaving with each other, provides the pupils with an intuitive functional arrangement, concentrated around two internal patios filled with light and green. Patios will play the role of the heart of the whole system which is a school or kindergarten. All educational functions were organized around them, arranged in a very simple and intuitive way in the form of rings.